Signalling and safety devices for protection and automatization of level crossings

Automatic devices for level crossing are signalling and safety devices for the protection of places of intersections of road and railway traffic in level. Automatic devices for level crossing (LC) security can be relay or electronic type. All devices with their key components are in compliance with security, reliability and maintenance standards and rules in railway and road traffic.


  • Relay automatics or electronic devices (controllers)
  • Block of voltage and current relays (for electronic LC)
  • Power supply devices (DC sources 24 V-20 A for electronic devices or double power supply ±18V for relay automatics, DC-DC converters, accumulator batteries, DC/AC supply, fuses, protective diodes)
  • Relay frame or cabinet
  • Finish cable frame with typical power strips for connecting outdooes and  indoors devices.

  • Two electromechanical devices with barriers or half-barriers
  • Road signals with big sound bells and Andrew’s cross
  • Track control signals
  • Turn-on and turn-off points
  • Level crossing housing
  • Local setting tasters – LOB
  • Cable network

Level crossing with barriers and signals in rural area

Automatics of relay LC is splited into logical units and relay groups, and the number of relay frames and relay groups depends on the number of tracks and way of inclusion (Fü60-without barrier, Fü1H60-with barriers and one-track rail and Fü2H60 with barriers and two-track rail).