About Us

The company Galeb Signalizacija program is based on production, design and development of signalling and safety, telecommunication, cable devices and railroad installations. This program originated from the company “Elektronska industrija Niš”, more than 40 years ago, following the reconstruction and modernization of the first railway stations on domestic railways.

Thanks to its own production of devices and components, as well as business and technical cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of complementary devices and components, Galeb Signalizacija is able to offer, install and launch modern technical solutions for most complex systems and devices for railway signalization. Galeb Signalizacija operates in the field of engineering by applying turnkey projects.


Production program and activities include:

  • Station signaling and safety systems and devices SpDrS-64-JŽ under the license „SIEMENS AG“
  • Automatic railway block SpDrS-64-JŽ
  • Signaling and safety devices for protection and automatization of level crossings
  • Automatic train stop system (AS I 9192)
  • Service and maintenance of manufactured equipment

The strategy of Galeb Signalizacija is based on the offer of modern signalling and safety technologies, with the maximal use of its own resources and the cooperation with the world‘s leading companies.